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The links below are all sites I have visited or been told about. Many of them contain product information that you will find quite useful. I routinely research equipment (to death, sometimes) via the Internet since it's relatively easy to find lots of information and user reviews.

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You can learn digital photography techniques at and end up loving your digital camera again. When you have a better understanding of your camera and what it can do, you'll reclaim that excitement you had when you first bought it.

35mm Camera and Lens Manufacturers

Canon USA  Canon's US site for all products
Canon EOS Film cameras  Canon's US site for EOS film cameras
Contax  Contax cameras
Nikon USA  Nikon's US site for product information
Olympus America  Olympus's US site for all their products
Pentax Corp.  Pentax camera, optics and P&S cameras
Sigma Corporation of America  Sigma lenses and flashes
Tamron USA site  Tamron lenses
Tokina  and Hoya and Kenko products here

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Camera Accessories, Flashes, Bags, Filters, Tripods and such

Backdrop Outlet  For all your studio background needs
Bogen Photo Corp  and also Manfrotto tripods and monopods
Hoya, Kenko  Filters and accessories, including the Kenko 1.4x and 2x converters
Kirk Photo  Kirk is another maker of Quick Releases and flash brackets. Equally as good as RRS. I use Kirk stuff.
Lee Filters  High quality camera and lighting filters
Lowepro  Some of the best bags and backpacks available
LumiQuest  Flash diffusers for soft light
PhotoFlex Lighting equipment and accessories
Paramount Cords  Various flash cords and accessories
Quantum Instruments  Quantum batteries and flash units
Really Right Stuff  Some of the best Quick Release equipment you can get
RTS Photo  Billingham bags, Ewa-Marine housings, Mecablitz flash, Cullman tripods, Graf Studioballs, Noblex cameras
Sekonic Professional Division  Sekonic meters
Sunpak  Sunpak flashes
Tamrac bags  Another quality bag manufacturer
Tiffen  Tiffen filters
Tenba  Another quality bag manufacturer
Wimberly  Sidekick and Plamp tripod accessories
White Lightning - Paul C. Buff  Very nice monolight systems

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Digital Cameras, Software and other related sites

DP Review  One of the best sources for digicam reviews
Steve's Digicams  The second required site for those wanting reviews and info on digicams.
Adobe Software  Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Acrobat and all the rest
ArcSoft  digital photo manipulation and printing software  Resources for Creative Professionals. Articles on Photoshop, printing and lots more.
Scanner Help  scanner Basics 101 and a lot of other info
Digital Photocourse  After you get your digicam visit this site for tutorials  an online digicam mag
Accurate Image Manipulation for Desktop Publishing  
Digital Mastery  The Ultimate Photoshop Experience!
Qimage Pro  Multiple Image Printing Software. The best for printing. Maximize your usage of each sheet of that expensive inkjet stock.
Digital photography ShortCourses  
Epson  everything you wanted to know about Epson but were afraid to ask
Panorama Factory Software  easy yet effective panorama software
Photography in Malaysia  lots of info on older Nikon and Canon cameras
Lexar Digital Media  and USB card readers
Nikon Digital  A site put together by Moose Peterson and David Cardinal filled with good articles and info
Olympus Digital  straight to their digital camera pages
Sony Digital Imaging  
Hamrick Software  Vuescan and other software. Use Vuescan with your scanner for improved results.
Red River Paper  resource for high quality inkjet papers
Computer Darkroom  
Sandisk  maker of digital media - Smartmedia and Compactflash
Pbase  photo sharing website. Buy space here to showcase your images.
D100 Sensor cleaning  one of the best articles out there
Picasa:  Automated Digital Photo Organizer software, instant photo albums, sharing & printing. Free software!
XnView  is a great, free file viewer that reads Olympus RAW files

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Film Manufacturers and Photolabs

I won't list any of the digital online guys like Ofoto, Shutterfly, EZprints etc. They're easy to find. I'd rather use a local lab myself.

Agfa Photography - nice online photo courses, product information and the occasional photo contest. Want to try something different ? Check out Lesson 30 on cross developing film.
A&I SERVICES  Pre-Paid Mailers and info about their services. Use by a number of pros.
Fuji Film  
Dale Laboratories  provides a variety of printing services
Ilford Photo Corp.  B&W film, paper and chemistry
Kodak  their main site
RitzPix  online sharing and photo printing site

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Storing, Mounting, Framing and Displaying Materials

American Frame  buy mounting and frame components and save some dough
Century Photo  20th Century Plastics & Century Photo Albums & Scrapbooks
Light Impressions  great resource for matting, mounting and framing supplies.
Photographer's Edge Great resource for cards and accessories. Turn you photos into beautiful greeting cards.

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Photography Instruction, Organizations and Magazines

ASMP  American Society of Media Photographers-National Site
Apogee Photo Magazine  an online photo magazine with articles/columns relating to both film and digital photography
New York Institute of Photography  one of the oldest (may be only one left?) photography correspondence courses
NANPA  North American Nature Photographers Association Photo Section Nature forum  
Mentor Series  photo excursions and trips all over the US and the world
Photographic Society of America Homepage  
Shutterbug MagazineThe latest on photography, cameras, film, lenses, equipment, darkroom, lighting, flash, color processing
PHOTOgraphic Magazine  one of my favorites to read off dead trees or online
Web Photo School  Helping you take better pictures!
PhotoSecrets  Photo Guides for Travel and Outdoor Photography
Palm Beach Photographic Centre  many photo classes and annual FotoFusion event  
Shoot Smarter  Great collection of Photoshop tutorials and techniques, lots of digital shooting info.
Professional Photography dot com  
Nature Photographer Magazine's Home  
Nature Photographers Online Magazine look for their Nature Photographer's 101 beginners tutorial. Good advice for someone just starting out.
Luminous-Landscape  lots of great info, tutorials and reviews
OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER  The Photography Magazine That Focuses On Scenics, Wildlife, Travel and Sports
PhotoResource Photo magazine  
Popular Photography Magazine  
PhotoDo  resource for lens tests
U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress  Everything you want to know about Copyright law but were afraid to ask.
BetterPhoto has online photo courses, lots of articles and tips for film/digital photogs

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Where to Buy Online

B & H Photo and Video  one of the best online suppliers (IMHO)
Calumet Photo  good resource for film (buy in bulk for best price), MF and studio lighting
Camera World of Oregon  though I've never dealt with them personally, I hear wonderful things about them
KEH Camera Brokers  my first stop when looking for used stuff
Porter's Catalog  lots of accessories you can't find anywhere else
Pro Photo Supply Home Page  Moose Petersens preferred vendor
Photographer's Warehouse a source for Photogenic lighting equipment and accessories.
Ritz Camera  (OK, so I used to work for them) had to put this here

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Photographer's Sites

Birds as Art  Arthur Morris
David Doubilet  
Jim Brandenburg  
Thom Hogan  if you own Nikon's buy his Nikon Field Guide and upcoming Nikon Flash Guide
Muench Photography  David, Mark and the rest of the family
Frans Lanting  
B. Moose Peterson  Wildlife Photography
Rick Sammon  National Geographic contributor on many occasions
Galen Rowell  Some of the most breathtaking mountain photos you'll see. (Unfortunately, on 8/11/02 the world lost Galen and Barbara Rowell to a plane crash.)
John Shaw  one of my favorite nature photogs and authors
George Lepp  
Art Wolfe  
Max Lyons gigapixel (stitched) digital image  A cool use of the technology
Jerry Uelsmann is a BW darkroom artist who's work you should look at. His montage images were not digitally done.  

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Sites with a Nikon twist

Nikon USA  
Nikon Imaging  
Nikon - Japan  
Nikon links  start here if you're looking for info and/or reviews
Nikon AI Lens conversions  like the title says

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Medium Format Systems and info

Bronica  MF equipment
Fuji   (click Products, then Commercial/Professional cameras) Fuji range finders have a great reputation for quality
Hasselblad USA  
Mamiya Home Page  645AF, RB67 and more
Pentax Corp.  645 and 67 cameras

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