About Karl Peschel

I started shooting in high school, back in the mid 70's. Bought my first camera, a Vivitar 35mm SLR, and a couple lenses with money I'd earned mowing lawns. I shot all kinds of subjects in my area and soon discovered I had a strong liking for nature and wildlife photography.

After a stint in the Army, I went to work for a local camera store. There I acquired my first Nikon (an FE) and started to build my lens arsenal, leaning toward long lenses to shoot wildlife with. I was also able to win a Mamiya 645 body and lens in a sales promotion that Mamiya had. I got to experience medium format shooting and that camera allowed me to shoot my sister's wedding, along with other portrait and B&W work.

My jobs progressed to other camera stores and I also wound up working in photo labs, including a commercial lab. My photographic skills grew, I read a lot, shot a lot and even got to teach photography classes. My experience at the commercial lab showed me what was possible in the darkroom after the image was shot. It was a lot of fun and opened another creative avenue for me.

Then my career took a turn into the computer world. I still kept shooting in my spare time and eventually jumped into the digital world. Now my digital camera, Photoshop and my Epson printer are my best buds. I've not given up on film though as I still love the look of Velvia and Tri-X. ( I don't want to spark any film vs. digital debate here. Each has it's place in the world.)

During the past 25+ years I've shot a lot, screwed up a lot and learned a lot. I only want to provide you with examples of good images that I can inspire your own photography and show you some of my experiences.


-=[ Karl ]=-